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Columbia’s Shrimp & Grits Fest

Unlimited shrimp and grits, live music, and prizes!

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Child Under 21 years old
Adult Ticket Age 21+

Experience the best shrimp and grits in Columbia SC!

Come enjoy one of South Carolina’s most famous dishes at Columbia’s Shrimp & Grits Fest.

On Saturday, June 22nd, 2024, area restaurants will compete in Columbia’s 9th Shrimp & Grits Fest. One restaurant will be named “Columbia’s Best Shrimp & Grits” by a panel of judges. There will also be a winner in the “People’s Choice” division.

Tickets will include unlimited shrimp & grits samples from restaurant participants, live music by local band Prettier Than Matt, door prizes, and more.

Many restaurants have shrimp and grits on their menu; most even claim theirs is the best. Now is the chance to find out who really has the best shrimp and grits!